Hello! My name is Kaye Hinton. I love to sew and create things. My mind never seems to turn off.

I’ve been married for 20 years to my husband Bill Hinton (Farmer Bill). 16 years ago, we purchased Bill’s uncle’s farm. There was a little shop there that his aunt made crafts in, and she sold them at Christmas time. Here, we set up our Christmas tree farm, and the little craft shop is what has turned me into a creative person.

Farmer Bill bought me a sewing machine at an auction for $20.00. I taught myself to sew, and because of my love for primitive dolls I started making them. So here I am, 16 years later. We’ve turned this place into a year-round farm. Farmer Bill has veggies from our garden for sale and strawberries in the early summer, too! All of your fall needs (including pumpkins) are grown on the farm; and for the winter we have our beautiful Christmas trees we can cut for you – or you can cut your own!

We are loving life on the farm with our loving cats Louis and Mr. Hope. If you keep in touch, you’ll see what Louis is getting into. He’s the star of the farm!

We’re open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 10-4 during the spring and summer seasons. During our pumpkin season, we’re open every day from 10-4. And, during Christmas season, we’re open from 10-7.

Pop on in and see what’s going on!